GNDB0783-I guess you are going to have to tie me up!

16:08 video

Red Diamond 

He was sitting in his room holding a piece of rope and just wishing his girl friend hadn't missed her flight. Now he was all alone until the snow storm in the East let up so she could catch the next flight out. But sometimes if you wish hard enough, good things could happen, as he was about to find out. The video begins with a knock at his door and a curvy girl named Red Diamond walking into his room. Ms Diamond was looking for her boyfriend in the room, but had apparently had the wrong floor. When she saw him holding a piece of rope, she was curious and asked him what he was planning to use it for. When he told her that she wouldn't be understand, she told him that she wanted to know and would not leave his room until he told her. When he said, "How about I show you!" , Ms Diamond told him to go for it. So he grabbed her and started tying her hands behind her back. At first Red started to panic since she didn't know the man. But she realized that she was excited and wanted to see where this led too. But then things got weird as the man stuffed and taped a very large pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Because she was now very excited, she started to breathe very heavily. But with her mouth packed and wrapped so tight, she started to panic and hyperventilate. The man continued to wrap more and more rope around her until he had her completely trussed up. The rope was tight and cut into Red's soft skin. Although she was very scared, Red found herself getting turned on and she started to moan very loud. As she struggle bound and gagged, Red's short tight dress started to rise up her hips to rise and show she wasn't wearing panties under her sheer pantyhose.Knowing this, Red went out of her way to make sure the man noticed. She no longer had any desire to leave or be untied. Things got even better when he started to manhandle and spank her. Later, after watching Ms Diamond roll around on the floor for a while, the man decided it was time to make things a little more naughty, First he pulled her dress down to expose her boobs and then he made her lie on the floor so her could hogtie Ms Diamond. When he tied a tight crotch rope between her legs, Ms Diamond could hardly control herself. It was at this point that she wished she wasn't gagged so she could beg him to pull her pantyhose down and do naughty things to her.

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