GNDB0781-Real Estate Lady tied up and gagged

14:02 video


Believing the man was a potential home buyer, Lindsey agreed to show a house that was just put on the market.  But then it seemed he was only interested in the back bedroom. Mainly, the closet which contained a floor safe. The  man told Lindsey that he really wasn't interested in buying the house.  He explained that he needed to get into the safe and she had no choice but to let him. He quickly grabbed her and brought out some rope. The next thing she knew, Lindsey found herself bound and gagged. She struggled to get loose as the man went about cracking the safe. All Lindsey managed to do was struggled out of the chair and onto the floor. Sometime later, the man came out of the close with a whole lot of cash. He saw Lindsey now on the floor with her skirt up and her blouse open. Much to his amusement, she wasn't wearing a bra. Then, before leaving her, the man threw her a bundle of cash. Sometime later, Lindsey was able to untie herself. Of course she would report this robbery to the authorities.  But she planned to keep the bundle of cash. This meant, as the robber hoped, she was going to have a hard time describing the man.

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