GNDB0785-Can I talk you into tying me up!

14:10 video

Cheeky Little Toy as Sara Wilder 

Actress Sara Wilder(Cheeky Little Toy) invited her neighbor over, hoping he could help her with something. She was auditioning for a role in an upcoming movie where she plays a bank teller who get taken hostage. In the role, she gets tied up and she is hoping that he can help her practice for the audition. She hands him some rope and asks him to tie her up. A short time later, after he has her all tied up, Sara tells him that she also needs to be gagged. So he stuffs her mouth and then wraps thick white tape around her face and over her mouth. As Sara starts to struggle, she realizes that she doesn't really need to act at all since she is well tied and cannot make a sound no matter how hard she tries. In fact, she thinks that maybe he has tied her up and gagged her a little too well. After a short while, Sara decides that she has practiced enough and tries to get him to untie her. But it seems that he is starting to enjoy having his neighbor bound and gagged and decides to add a little more excitement into the situation when he pulls her boobs out of her bra. Sara squeals loud through the gag as she tries to voice her displeasure. Then she finds out the reason why he has tied her up so well when he tells her that his actress wife is also auditioning for the same role and has instructed him to make sure Sara stayed home. Realizing she has been tricked, Sara struggles hard to get loose. But when she is hogtied on the floor, she knows that she will not be going anywhere for the rest of the day.

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