GNDB0786-Left trussed up tight with a pair of panties stuffed in my mouth!

16:15 video

Pepper Sterling

I don't know this man was or why he barged into my house. But when he dragged me down to the basement. I realized he wasn't here looking for a gas leak like he said he was. Things got reaally scary when he shoved a red rubber ball in my mouth and buckled it behind my head. Then he put my hands around a metal pole and secured them with a plastic zip tie. He left me like this and went off, who knew where.  Most likely to ransack the house looking for valueables. I tried like hell to get the ball out of my mouth so I could scream for help.  But he had it wedged in there very tight. Suddenly, the basement door opened and  it was the man again. He had a pile of rope. He used it to tie me up very tight. Then I saw him wadding up a pair of my panties. He took the ball out of my mouth and stuffed the panties in and tied a dish cloth very tight in my mouth to hold the panties so I could not spit them out.  He then tied me with more rope. . All I could do was watch. It was then that I noticed, my blouse buttons had popped open to expose my black bra. He lifted my skirt to tie rope around my waist for some unknown reason. What was left on me to tie up. I soon found out when he wound the rope up between my legs. He pulled it tight and I could feel the rope going up inside me. It was a good thing I had on a pair of panties and a black panty girdle.  Or the rope would be going up inside my pussy. The man left me tied up like this. Now, I am sure, so he could rob me. I struggled hard to get loose. But there was no way I was ever going to get myself untied. Nor was I going to get the wad of panties out of my mouth.  So, as I laid there bound and gagged, I realized struggling was only making thing more embarrassing as I noticed my nipples were starting to poke out the top of my bra. And as much as I am ashamed to say, that rope up my pussy was starting get me a little turned on. I tried not to think about it. But with my big tits now out of my bra and my skirt all the way up, I worried, it was probably only a matter of time before I was going to be bent over getting pounded from behind. 

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