GNDB0879-Being taped and gagged helpless got the full figured girl norny

15:07 video

Vicious Vamp as Michelle


When he lured her upstairs to his room, Michelle told herself, she was going to play hard to get. But she knew she really wanted him to have his way with her. She just liked the idea of feeling it wasn't her idea. But then he surprised her and told her his real reason for luring her to the room. Using tape, he grabbed her and taped her up so tight, she could hardly move at all. Then he muffled her complaints and protests by stuffing and taping her mouth. Now bound and gagged, Michelle realized she was being held for ransom. She bucked and kicked on the sofa bed, trying to get loose. But, she knew she was totally helpless and wasn't going anywhere. But Michelle had a condition that made her constantly desire sex and somehow, this feeling o helplessness intensified it. So, when the man decided to have his way with her, Michelle may have pretended she didn't want it, but she didn't try very hard to stop him. Later, after the ransom was paid, the man asked her if she was ready to be cut lose and released. Through the gag, Michelle told him she wasn't and begged for more.

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