GNDB0896B-If I wasn't tied up so tight, I would make you fuck me!

17:18 video

Kimberly Sinical


While he was out of town, he bought something to give to his wife. It was something she wanted to help her get more into sex. However today, his step-sister in law who lived near by was here to visit.  Just before he was about to take her home, Kimberly developed a head ache.  She found a bottle of what she thought was aspirin and took two of them.  It was wasn't aspirin. It was the item he bought for his wife and the dosage was one and not two.  After a short while, Kimberly started to get very turned on.  The man realized what was going on and he tried to fight her off. Now Kimberly was no longer in control of her mind.  She wanted to have sex with her step-brother in law, Now. He continued to try to fight her off, but she was very persistent and the man had no choice but to tie her up. Kimberly threatened to scream. So he stuffed her mouth and tied a rag between her teeth to gag her.  This only made Kimberly much more horny.  In order to keep her still, the man hogtied her. After a short while, Kimberly was so turned on, she could not control herself.  Her moans became more intense and suddenly she started having an uncontrolled orgasm. A few minutes after that, she had another. Then another and another. This caused her to come out of her induced frame of mind. She was very surprised to find herself bound and gagged with rope tied up her pussy. Her step-brother in law had a lot of explaining to do. 

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