GNDB0906-Enough of your bitching! After all, this was your idea!

14:23 video

Amanda Foxx

Amanda had this guy help her pull off a robbery at the place she worked. When he took her to a hotel room, she thought they were going to split the money and go separate ways. But the man wanted to make this look real so no one would suspect Amanda was involved. After all if they suspected her, they would surely make her give up the person who helped. Having prepared for this, he made Amanda strip naked. Then he tied her up very tightly, because a real robber would not make this comfortable. Amanda tried to protest. But would a real robber not gag her. So the man stuffed and taped a pair of panties in her mouth to shut her up. Finally after adding more rope and hogtying Amanda, the man left her struggling bound and gagged. It would be hours before she was found. And, finding her like this, no one would ever suspect she was involved.

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