GNDB0893-Grabbed and tied up by the Pantyhose Hooded man

12:23 video

Jamie Knotts as Velma and Vivian Irene Pierce as Daphne

I Co-Produce video with Jamie Knotts. Although, I have very little experience with Cosplay Scenarios, she does them all the time. So, she and I produced this video with Vivian Irene Piece using 2 characters they both have used in the past. 


In this scenario, Jamie plays Velma and Vivian plays Daphne where the girls go to a hotel room looking for a man who is up to No Good.  As Jamie looks around, she doesn't notice a pantyhose hooded man grabs  Vivian behind her, and drags her into a closet. Not knowing this, Jamie continues the search in another room.  Later, when Jamie cannot find Vivian, she returns to the room where she last saw her. There, she finds Vivian bound and gagged. But, before she can free her, Jamie is also grabbed, tied up and gagged right next to Vivian.  The 2 girls struggle to get loose. But the knots are tied tight. They hope, their friends come rescue them. Later, the girls are muffled more with cloth tied over their gagged mouths. They sit there and try to communicate a plan to escape. But, things are not looking too good for them.

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