GNDB0908-She turned me into a rope slut and left me bound and gagged!

16:16 video

Jamie Knotts

This video involves fantasy magic and transformation.


Jamie is a modern day Witch. Over the centuries, she has used her powers to earn a lavish living. At present time, she is working as a corporate spy. Today she needs to get into a laboratory to steal some top secret material. In order to do this, she needs to pose as the man who runs the operations at the laboratory.  Knowing the man will not cooperate, she needs to use her powers to borrow his body so she can go to the Lab and get the material herself. As expected, the man refuses to cooperate and believe her crazy story about being a witch. But, when Jamie uses a little potion she put together on him, things get very crazy for the man.  This is because when he looks at Jamie, she is now him. Then he realizes that he is now in her body with her big tits and blond hair.  When he reaches down inside his/her pants, he feels not only panties but that he is now definitely a girl. And, to make thing even more interesting, he now has Jamie's Nympho Sex Drive and is instantly horny. Knowing she cannot have this guy now in her body running around, Jamie uses her skills to tie up the new Jamie very tight. She now he, also stuffs and tapes a gag in her mouth so she cannot makes noise and attract attention.  Leaving the new Jamie bound and gagged, he leaves her struggling with her big tits exposed and a piece of rope tied tight up between her legs. The new Jamie is now extremely turned on and uses the crotch rope to entertain herself. She has no desire to get herself untied and before she knows it, she is having her first of many bound orgasms.

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