GNDB0921-Home Invaded-ER Nurse tied up with her pantyhose

16:15 video


He had been casing the place and knew Nyxon the lady of the house was an ER Nurse who worked during the day. But today, her shift was changed and when he broke in, there she was and now he had to deal with her. To quickly secure her, he zip tied her to the stair case railing so he could go look for something to tie her up with. But when she started to cry out for help, he had to deal with that first. Using a pair of her panties, he stuffed her mouth and tied a dish cloth between her teeth to gag Nyxon. Then using several pair of her pantyhose, he tied her up tight and left to her to struggle bound and gagged while he looted the place. But Nyxon had no intention of just sitting there and letting this man rob her. She worked her way over to the top of the stairs and started to work her way down. She figured if she could get to the front door, she could get it open and hop outside. This way, maybe someone would see their tied up and gagged neighbor, and call the authorities. But no sooner than she got downstairs, the man caught her and now he was going to make sure Nyxon could not cause anymore problems. Using more pantyhose, he hogtied her. Then to punish her for her attempt to escape, he opened her dress and pulled her big boobs out of her bra. This way, when she was found, hours later, it would be very embarrassing.

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