GNDB0935-Flirting with the college boy got the Cougar tied up and gagged

17:07 video

Kristyna Dark

Trying to make some extra money to help get through college, he worked for his next door neighbor doing repair work jobs around the house. The man paid him good money, but there was one problem. Kristyna, the neighbor's wife. Kristyna had a thing for younger men and when her husband was away, she liked to play. And, he just happened to be her favorite target, especially since he live right next door. Today, he was working on an electrical problem while the husband was at work when he heard the sound of high heel clicking on the hard wood stair case. Sure enough when he looked up, there was Kristyna. She was all dressed up in a tight skit and a silk blouse. When she sat on the stair case, she made no effort to keep him from looking up her skirt at her panties as she sat there with her legs partially apart. She began talking to him and hinting that he should come up to her bedroom to see if th problem was there. Knowing that with her sitting there, he would never get this job finished. So he came up with a plan. He told her that the problem was most likely down in the basement and that she could come down there with him to talk as he worked. But once he got her down there, he tied her up with rope. At first Kristyna thought that this was some type of kinky game he liked to play as a form of foreplay. But after a while, she figured out that it was a way for him to keep her out of his hair and she begged him to untie her. Unable to get Kristyna to stop her chatting, he went up to her bedroom and came back with a pair of her panties. She questioned him, wanting to know what he planned to do with her panties. A few minutes later, she found out as they were stuffed and tied in her mouth to gag her. Left alone, Kristyna struggled bound and gagged on the chair. All though she was somewhat embarrassed to be in this situation, she had to admit that she was very turned on. Then she had a horrifying thought. "Oh my gosh, whats am I gonna do if my husband finds me like this?" Now Kristyna frantically tried to get loose. But all she could manage to do was fall out of the chair. Then things got even worse, as the college boy came back and pulled her skirt off. Now she was even more desperate. She couldn't let her husband find her bound and gagged in her bra and panty girdle. How could she ever explain this. But when she heard someone walking down stairs and then her husbands voice calling for her, she knew she was in big trouble.

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