GNDB0944-Step Mom Bound and Gagged-They caught me fucking the neighbor!

14:22 video

Whitney Morgan

Whitney is having an affair with the man who lives next door. Today while her husband was out, she had the man over and thinking they were alone, Whitney had the man screw her on the sofa. After he left, Whitney heard a noise and realized it was her step sons who were watching and saw everything. They threatened to tell their step-father what they saw unless she agreed to let them tie her up. Whitney had no choice but to let them have their way. Soon she found herself all tied up in the living room. When she thoughts things couldn't get worse, they stuffed and taped a pair of her panties in er mouth to gag her. They watched as their step mother struggled bound and gagged on the floor. They even took advantage of the situation to get a better look at her in her underwear. Eventually they would untie her and they did keep their word not to tell step-dad what they saw. But now they had a new play mate to tie up and gag anytime they were alone with her and had the urge.

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