GNDB0989-They had Aunt Sara tied up and gagged in Step-Mom's closet

15:14 video

Cheeky Little Toy 

He called home to check on things. He asked to speak to their Aunt Sara (Cheeky Little Toy) who was there to baby sit for a couple of hours. But they told their step-dad that Auntie Sara was busy in step-mom's closet. The scene then shifts to step-mom's closet and there inside is Aunt Sara all tied up and gagged. When she sees them, she is not too happy because when she agreed to play this game, they promised to only keep her tied up for a short while. Somehow Aunt Sara is able to spit out the wad of cloth that they had stuffed in her mouth to gag her. She starts demanding to be untied and threatens them with punishment. But they pay no attention to her and tie the rag back between her teeth as they go off to look for something better to stuff in her mouth. Although the cleave gag keeps her somewhat muffled, she is still able to protest and demand to be untied. But that all comes to an end when they stuff her mouth with panties to re-gag her. To make things worse, her skirt has risen all the way up her hips to give them a view of her pretty blue panties under her pantyhose. And, by the time step-dad gets home to find her in this embarrassing situation, the buttons of her blouse will have all popped loose also.

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