GNDB1004-Boy! Did I walk into the wrong room! Mmmmph!

16:18 video

Jamie Knotts

Jamie has been with friends in the hotel cocktail lounge and may have had a few too many. Because of this, she got off the hotel elevator on the wrong floor.  She found an open door in the room that she thought was hers and walked in.  Inside she found things she did not recognize as hers.  Mainly a ski mask, gloves and a bag full of money. Suddenly a man walks out and Jamie realizes that she is in the wrong room with a man who is up to no good.  Unfortunately for her, she has seen too much and the man cannot let her leave.  He grabs Jamie and quickly ties her up.  He also gags her so she cannot holler for help. Later, he returns to Jamie and unties her so she can remove her dress.  Now, in just her bra and girdle, the man ties her back up and leaves her struggling bound and gagged with her big tits out.

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