GNDB1006-The flirting neighbor lady left her door unlocked

14:24 video

Hannah Perez

Hannah was the older woman from next door . Although she was married, she went out of her way to flirt with the neighbor boys. Sometimes she would give them a quick peek of her panties and she knew that every now and then when she was alone, there was a peeking tom or two at her window. Once in a while, she would come home to find that someone, some how broke into her house. Nothing big was ever taken except for an occasional pair of her panties. This didn't bother her at all, in fact, the idea turned her on. But today she wanted to teach these boys a lesson and she had a plan. Part of this plan was to leave her door unlocked.

The video begins with Hannah's plan working as she hoped. Because in her closet hiding were the boys from next door. All of a sudden, in walks Hannah and she is dressed in very short dress. So short that when she sits down, they get a good view of her panties and garters. But things only get better when she takes the dress off. She pretends to look for something under her bed and gives them a real show as she bends over and later lays down and spreads her legs. But then she sits up and looks directly at them. She tells them that she left her door unlocked hoping they would come in. She goes on to tell them that she knows all about their activities. But then her plan backfires when a short time later, she finds her tied up at their hands. At first, she is very playful with this idea and gives them more of a show. As she struggles in the rope, she has to admit that it has her very turned on. But then she looks at her clock and realizes that her husband will be home very shortly and the thought of him catching her tied up like this doesn't sit well. But when she tells them to untie her, they refuse. And then when she starts to complain, they stuff and tape her mouth to gag her. Hannah starts to panic and pleads with them to let her go. But her mouth is packed and wrapped well and she has to fight not to choke on the panties in her mouth. Later, things get really bad when she hears her husband arrive home. She knows it is only a matter of time before he walks in to find her now bouncing her bare tits about and she struggles hogtied and gagged.

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