GNDB1001-He sent his pregnant girl friend over to pay his debt

16:25 video



Not having all the money to pay a man what he owed him, Lindsey's boyfriend sent her over to give him what he had. The boyfriend figured the man wouldn't do anything bad to Lindsey since she was pregnant. But shortly after she got there, Lindsey found herself taped up tight and gagged. Apparently, things didn't go as the boyfriend hoped, and as Lindsey struggled bound and gagged, the man called to express his anger to the boyfriend.  Meantime, Lindsey was very angry at her boyfriend for many reasons. Besides getting her into this situation, the boyfriend had not been paying any intimate attention to her , due to her pregnancy.  That and the fact that being bound and gagged had her very turned on, Lindsey started getting ideas. Somehow, even though she was gagged, she convinced the man remove the gag so she could pleasure him and hopefully suck her way out of this situation

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