GNDB1014-So! When were you going to tie me up and fuck me!

16:09 video

Raven Eve 

Raven is out of town with her body guard that her rich husband sent along to keep an eye on her.  Unfortunately for Raven, the body guard caught her doing something she should not have been doing and she is afraid that he will report this to her husband.  While the man is out of the room, she sneaks into his things and finds the notepad where he writes everything he needs for his reports to her husband.  She doesn't find anything mentioning her unfortunate incident.  But she does notice that the body guard does write some of his off the record, personal thoughts. This is when she finds that the man has many interesting thoughts about her.  Even some that are very sexual. There is one note in particular that gets her very excited.  It states, "My boss's wife Raven is so damn sexy, I wish I could tie her up and fuck her!" Raven cannot believe what she is reading.  The thought of being tied and fucked gets her very turned on.  She hears the man coming back, so she puts the notepad back where she found it.  The man walks back in and sits down on the sofa believing they are going to finish their conversation before he returns to his room. But Raven has other plans and she starts to come on to him.  Then when the man starts to get a little nervous, she tells him, "So! When are you going to tie me up and fuck me!"  The man is caught off guard and tries to act like this is not something he would want to do with her.  But then Raven tells him that she has already read his notes. She tells him that she is very interested in this happening and practically begs him to tie her up so he could have his way with her. When she assures him that it will be their secret and she will not say anything to anyone, the man cannot resist.  Soon he has Raven all tied up tight with rope and gagged with her mouth stuffed with her panties. After leaving her struggle bound and gagged for sometime, the man pulls her tits out of her dress and leaves her to struggle for while longer while he goes to his room for a bit.  When he returns, Raven tries to beg him through the gag to hurry up and get on to the fun part where he pulls her panties down.

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