GNDB1019-You have me bound gagged and cumming in my pantyhose!

14:24 video

Mizz Shutters as Samantha

Samantha has a funny way of treating men. Especially the ones she is attracted to. The more she likes them, the bigger the "Bitch" she is. She works at a hotel as the manager and today she messed with the wrong guy. The video begins with this man taking her into his hotel room. He throws her down on the sofa and the two have a brief argument. The man refuses to let Samantha leave and then brings out rope. He quickly ties her up good and tight. Then when her protests get too loud, he stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth. At first Samantha is angry and she also starts to panic from being completely helpless. But then the man starts to man handle her and this starts to turn her on. Now she has no desire to be let loose and only hopes the man's advances will become much more bold. When he hogties and crotch ropes her, Samantha thinks things could not be happier. But then he brings out a Hitachi Vibrator and starts to use it on her as he plays with her boobs. It doesn't take very long until Samantha is moaning loud as she has her first bound orgasm. In the end, Samantha tries to apologize through the gag to the man for being such a bitch. "All I really needed is a good hard fucking!" she tries to tell him. Lucky for her, he will eventually understand her.

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