GNDB1021-Tying up the older girl next door, and gagging her with her panties

11:08 video

Lana Lane

They went next door because they kicked their ball over the fence into Lana, the girl who lived next door's yard. When they knocked at the door, Lana invited them in for some lemonade. As she talked to them, she asked them if the only games they played involved sports. This is when they told her that they also liked to play "Cops & Robbers" She asked them what involved and asked if she could play too. Si they asked her if she had any rope. She told them yes and the next thing Lana knew, they had her tied up in the living room. At first Lana thought this was fun and games. But when they wouldn't untie her and instead went searching in her bedroom, Lana started to lose her patience. This did her no good, because they came out of the room with a pair of her panties which they used to stuff her mouth with to gag her. Now Lana was angry and tried to talk them into letting her go. But this did no good and soon she was left alone to struggle bound and gagged. Sometime later, Lana still could not get herself untied and soon her parents would be home. She knew it was going to be very hard to explain this. Especially now that her struggling caused her pants to come unbuttoned and her boobs to find their way out of her bra and shirt.

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