2307WHITNEY-Lady scout leader given a lesson in tying knots

14:14 video

Whitney Morgan

Whitney has signed on to be the Scout Leader of her daughters Girl Scout Troop. But she doesn't know anything about the outdoors. She hopes the man who lives next door can help her since she knows he once was a boy scout. But when she gets to his place, he tells her that he remembers learning, was tying knots. "That is perfect!" she tells him and insists he teaches her. When he explains that the only knot tying he knows, might not be appropriate for a girl to learn, Whitney says, "I'll be the judge of that!" and insists he shows her. When the man brings out rope and starts tying her up, Whitney thinks it is all part of what she needs to know and playfully sits there and lets him tie her up. "Show me more!" she tells him as he has her all tied up. So the man tells her that there is another knot he can teach her. He stuffs her mouth and knots a rag over her mouth to gag her. As she struggles around on the sofa, Whitney realizes that she needs to get going to her scout meeting. But the man is enjoying watching her struggle bound and gagged in her uniform too much and he has other plans. He re-gags her by tying the rag tightly between her teeth in a cleave gag. Then using more rope, he secures her tighter with more rope around her arms and elbows. Before hogtying her, the man tells Whitney that he has one more knot she might like to learn. Then as he ties a crotch rope, he puts that knot right over that special spot between her legs and pulls it tight. Whitney squeals in protest at first, but as she tugs on the crotch rope, the knot goes up inside and soon she forgets about the scout meeting.

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