2308JOYFUL-Can't we make some kind of deal so you can tie me up?

14:25 video

Joyful Girl from 2013

Joy's step-son is in big trouble at school and she is called in by his teacher for a conference late one afternoon. When she gets there, the teacher brings out her step-son's back pack that he had expected to find books in. When Joy sees the bag, she immediately starts to panic. This is because she recognizes the bag as hers and she knows it contains some very embarrassing items. The teacher brings out rope, tape and a pair of women's panties. Joy tries to explain this to the teacher that the back pack is hers and these items belong to her. But the teacher thinks she is just trying to cover up for her step-son. That is until she shows him the rope marks all over her arms and legs. As Joys watches the teacher try to understand the situation, she gets both an urge and a idea of how to resolve this issue. She slowly starts to un-buttom her blouse so the teacher can see her bra struggling to hold her huge boobs in. She then suggests that he tie her up in the teacher's lounge. It is a deal he finds very hard to refuse. Using Joy's rope, the teacher starts to tie her up and he immediately realizes that she is not lying about her love for being tied up. Because she starts to moan with pleasure and tells him all the naughty things he can do to her once her has her all tied up. Once she is all trussed he, he brings out the panties and tape. Joy looks at them and tell him that the panties are hers and that she wants him to tape them in her mouth to gag her. She tells him that she likes to moan loud and that she doesn't want to risk having a janitor hear anything when he does naughty things to her. The fun begins right away when Joy is put on her knees. Her skirt is then pulled up all the way and her bra is pulled down to show her great big tits. Then more ropes is used to bind her chest area so her big boobs will stand out as she bounces about. Finally the teacher tells her that before he gives her a good hard ride, she has to make herself cum in her pantyhose several times. He gives her something to help herself along. A good tight crotch rope. Joy now bound, gagged and very helpless gets busy right away as she works herself up to the first of several hard orgasms in her pantyhose.

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