2308VAMP-Full Figured Detective kept bound and gagged

14:21 video

Vicious Vamp as Michelle

Michelle (Vicious Vamp) is a detective who is hunting a fugitive. She gets information that he is hiding out in an abandoned house. So, after calling for back up, she goes to this location. But when she gets there, she cannot find any trace of the guy. So, she calls in and tells her back up not to come to the place because the guy is not there. But Michelle didn't check the place out good enough. Because as soon as she hangs up, the fugitive comes out of hiding and grabs her. Michelle tries to resist, but the man is able to overpower her and soon has her tied up with rope. Worried that someone might hear her cries for help, the man stuffs her mouth and ties a cleave gag tightly between her teeth. Michelle is then left to struggle bound and gagged. After a little while, the bad guy returns. He is worried that someone will coming looking for his captive detective and has decided that he needs a new place to hide out. But before her leaves her, the man has a little fun with Michelle. Then long after the man has made his getaway, Michelle hears someone ring the doorbell. It is her detective partner and she realizes that she is going to be rescued. But she is all tied up and cannot go to unlock the door. She tries to cry out, but with her mouth packed and gagged tight, no one can hear her. Eventually her partner will kick the door in. But it is going to be very embarrassing when she is found bouncing her great big tits around as she struggles on the floor.

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