2309ANNABELLE-Tie me helpless and fuck me like you said you would!

14:20 video

Annabelle Genovisi

Annabelle was married to an older man. But she needed to do things to keep him interested in her. He had warned not to hang around with this certain friend of hers who was into kinky things. Today she came home with rope marks on her arms and legs. This made it obvious that she was with that person and that she was tied up for some kinky bondage games. "What did I say was going to happen if I caught you with that person again!" he asked . Annabelle tried to hide a smile as she replied, "You said you were going to tie me up and fuck me!" With this, he grabbed Annabelle and started taking her blouse and skirt off. He pushed her down on the sofa and started pulling her panties off. "I thought you were going to tie me up first!" Annabelle said in a somewhat disappointed tone. Before she could say much more, he balled up her panties and stuffed them in her her mouth. "Don't you dare spit those out!" he told her as he started to tie her up with rope. Annabelle smiled as she realized she was going to get what she hoped for. To be tied helpless and fucked. Now completely naked except for a pair of High Heels, Annabelle started getting very turned on. She struggled around bound and gagged on the floor and this is when her husband noticed she had an anal plug in her and this angered him more. So he put her on her knees and crotch roped her with the rope knotted right over the right spot. He then laid Annabelle on her side and used the excess strand of the crotch rope to hogtie her. So now every time she tried to kick her legs, the rope would tightened and the knot deeper up in her. At first Annabelle was disappointed because she wanted him to fuck her while she was bound and gagged like this. But as the rope up her pussy tightened, she started to get more and more turned on. At some point she lost total control and her moans through the gag became louder. Then all of a sudden, she started to have her first of several bound orgasms.

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