2309SERENE-Mouthy Girl gets her mouth packed with panties

16:16 video

Serene Isley

He went to the place looking for something and believing no one would be home. But when the man's wife Serene showed up, he had no choice but to take her with him. Then when he got her to his place, she refused to cooperate. So he tied her up with rope and when she also refused to shut up, he stuffed and tied a gag in her mouth. Now bound and gagged, Serene struggled to get loose. Although the gag kept her somewhat quiet, she still managed to make enough noise to irritate the man. So he pulled off her skirt and then brought out a very large pair of panties. "Those are way too big!" Serene tried to protest. But the man held her head still as he packed the panties in her wide open mouth and then wrapped tape around her face to gag her again. The man then yanked Serene to her feet and made her hop over until she was under a steel beam. There he pulled her arms up behind her and connected her to the beam. Serene now in a strict strappado, spends the next few hours clicking her heel on the concrete floor as she tried to maintain her balance.

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