2309GRLX2-Flight attendants find themselves tied up and gagged

13:21 video

Gigi Lyn and Lana Lane 

Gigi and Lana are flight attendants for a large airline. Because they fly international routes they travel to many exotic places. Places where a girl can make a lot of money if she has a way of smuggling illegal cargo. Both Lana and Gigi have been doing just that, and tonight they plan to take a carryon bag full of contraband. But as they make the arrangements on the phone with their partners, someone XXXX at the front door. Believing it is their ride to the airport, Gigi answers the door. Unfortunately for the girls, it is not their ride. It is a man there to rob them of their cargo. He makes the girl strip out of their uniforms down to their bras and girdles. He then sits them down on chairs and ties them up. Left alone, the girls try to come up with a plan to get away. They try to reach each other’s knots, but the man returns to stop them. Seeing that he plans to gag them, the girls protest. Especially because they see what he plans to stuff their mouths with. A short time later, the girl find themselves gagged with their mouth packed and taped with panties. The girls whimper and grunt as they try to work themselves over to each other so they can try to untie each other. But again, the man returns and this time, he ties them to the chairs. Now they are totally helpless as the man makes his escape with the suitcase full of their illegal cargo. Sometime later, their ride will arrive. It is a woman who finds the front door open. As she walks in and calls out for Lana and Gigi, she sees them their still struggling bound and gagged in their bras and girdles.

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