2310REYNOLDS-You're gonna have to tie me up and make me cum!

14:19 video

Alex has come home from a hard day working as a waitress. She looks all around her home looking for her boyfriend, but cannot find him anywhere. This is very disturbing to her. Because all day long, all she could think of is going home so she can fuck his brains out. She does find one of her boyfriends body guards napping on the couch. She wakes him to ask where the boyfriend is. When he tells her that he has left town and not going to return until the next day, Alex becomes desperate. She tells the the man that she is too horny to wait and demands that he take care of her needs. Having had numerous affairs with Alex in the past, behind his boss's back, the man knows exactly how to take care of her. So a short time later, he has her all tied up with rope. Knowing how noisy Alex can be when she has an orgasm, the man stuffs and ties a gag in her mouth to muffle her screams. Alex is then left to roll around the floor as she pretends to struggle with the rope. But the man know, she is only trying harder to work herself up. So he helps her out by unzipping her waitress uniform dress to expose her boobs. He also tied a knotted rope tightly between her legs and this really got Alex going. Soon her moans got louder and her breathing harder until she worked herself up to her first of many bound orgasms.

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