2310KNOTTS=Bound gagged and ready to get very naughty

14:06 video

Jamie Knotts

Jamie worked the front desk at the hotel where he was hiding out at. Unfortunately, the man knew that in a short while, his face would be all over the news for what he did earlier in the day. The hotel desk lady was the only person at the hotel who had seen him and would be the only one who could alert the authorities. So the man got Jamie to agree to have a drink with him. Of course she was working, so a soft drink was all she could have. After a while, Jamie started to feel weird. Not only that, she was very turned on and wanted to play with the man. Maybe she should have paid attention to what went on between the time the man bought her drink and brought it to her. The man asked her if she would like to go up with him to her room. Jamie knew she couldn't but for some reason, she could not resist. She told her boss that something urgent came up and asked him to find someone to fill in for her while she was away for an hour or so.

The video begins with Jamie walking into the man's room. She cannot believe how horny she is and is all over this man. "Who cares what my husband thinks" she thought to herself, even though she had never in her married life considered cheating on him. As the man took off her clothes, Jamie was very excited and tried to help him. But once she was stripped down to her girdle and pantyhose, the man grabbed her and started tying her up. Jamie was caught by surprise but she didn't care as long as he had plans to strip her naked and have his way with her. Then he tied a rope up between her legs and Jamie was ready for anything. But then he stuffed her mouth with panties and taped them in to gag her. This made her panic somewhat, but for some reason she became even more turned on. Left alone on the floor, Jamie tried to beg him through the gag to hurry up and let her have it. When she got tired of waiting, she started to realize the crotch rope was tied in just the right place. Soon she was moaning as she made herself have an orgasm. Something like this had never happened to her and soon she was lost in a very nice dream. Hours later, Jamie opened her eyes. "Where the hell am I!" Was her first thought. Then she realized that she was bound and gagged in her underwear. Then she saw the man and it all came back to her. She now knew he was up to no good. She also knew that people were probably looking for her, but being bound and gagged, it would be hours before the cleaning lady would come in and find her like this. Then just before the man made his get away, he reached down and pulled Jamie's bra down so her big boobs could bounce about as she struggled tied up and gagged.

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