2311MONICA-I followed you home so you could tie me up!

16:26 video


He came home from a night out to find a girl named Monica waiting for him in his basement. He recognized her as a girl who had flirted with him at a bar and when he asked her why she was there, she told him that she followed him home so he could tie her up and play with her. So after stripping her down to her sexy bra and garters, he grabbed her and tied her up tight. When he asked her if she had enough, she told him "No" and he continued to add more rope. Then he did something she didn't quite expect. he stuffed her mouth and wrapped it with tape to gag her. At first Monica started to panic. But being gagged added to her feeling of helplessness and got her even more turned on. When he asked her if she has had enough and wanted to be untied, Monica told him "NO!" by shaking her head. So he continued by pulling her boobs out of her bra and then hogtying her. When the man tied a tight crotch rope between her legs,, Monica knew it would get her warmed up and maybe even make her have a bound orgasm or two. But both she and the man knew that at one point, she was going to end up tied spread on a bed for the real fun.

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