2311FOXX-MILF Baby Sitter-Hurry home! Your step-son has me tied up and gagged a

14:19 video

Amanda Foxx 


Amanda Foxx is babysitting for a friend. Some how she allowed herself to be tricked into playing a game of "Tie Up & Gag The Babysitter". He told her that he would untie her after watching her struggle like this for only 10 minutes. But is an hour later and he refuses to untie her. And God only knows what kind of mischief he is getting himself into in Step-Mom's bedroom. Amanda can hear him going through her dresser drawers and she wonders what on earth he could be looking for. He has her gagged with one of "step-dad's hankies stuffed in her mouth and one of Step-Mom's socks tied between her teeth. She would pull it out, but her hands are tied to her tied up ankles and she cannot get her face down that far. Finally after a whole lot of effort, Amanda is able to get her hands free from her ankles. She works her way over to her cell phone to call Step-Mom. She pulls the sock out of her mouth and spits out the handkerchief. But when she dials Step-Mom, she only gets a voice mail message. Amanda tries to explain the situation and asks Step-Mom to call her back and if possible to also hurry home. But as soon as she hangs up, Amanda finds out what her captor was looking for in Step-Mom's room. A pair of her panties. A short time later, Amanda now finds herself hogtied. He mouth is now stuffed and taped with the panties and there is no way she will be able to get to the phone now when Step-Mom calls her back. Then things get really bad for her when her top comes undone and her tight jeans start to slide down her hips. One thing is for sure though. When Step-Mom or Step-Dad, get home to find the baby sitter struggling bound and gagged with her tits out and her panties showing, someone is going to be grounded for a very long time.

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