2312ARIELLE--Now he knows I'm a rope slut!

16:20 video

Arielle Lane 

Arielle's step-mother has been out of town for a few days. She was suppose to come home tonight, but Arielle just found out, her flight as cancelled. This gives Arielle one last chance to dress up in step-mom's sexy girdles and play tonight. And playing to Arielle means getting tied up and gagged for some naughty fun. Since she doesn't always have someone to tie her, Arielle has to do what she normally does, tie herself up. First she ball gags herself and then because it is so hard to tie herself with rope, she uses hand and ankle cuffs to bind herself. Making sure she keeps the keys nearby. A short time later, Arielle is in bondage heaven, all trussed up and gagged. She also brings out her Hitachi vibrating wand which she uses when she is alone. She turns it on and rubs it between her legs and soon she is lost in her little erotic naughty game as the vibrator starts work its magic . But there was something Arielle didn't take into account. Her step-mother's boyfriend still did not know she wasn't coming home tonight. So when the door opens and in walks the boyfriend, Arielle is caught by surprise. The boyfriend is also very surprised to find her cuffed up and moaning through a gag with a vibrator between her legs. Realizing she is caught, Arielle has no choice but to admit to step-mom's boyfriend that she really loves being played with she is bound and gagged. Then he learns that Arielle's step-mom/hi GF is not coming home. So he decides to have a little fun with Arielle. he removes the cuff and ties her with rope. Then he removes the ball gag so he can stuff and tape her mouth to gag her. Arielle is now very turned on and although she doesn't want to do anything to upset her step-mother, she cannot help herself and is more than willing to let the man do what ever he wants to her.

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