2312CHICHI-You can't just come in here, tie me and stuff a gag in my mouth!

14:22 video

Chichi Medina


Chichi Medina's parents are out of town on vacation. During this time, Chichi stops by to check on their home. But today when she got there, she found a man had broke in. The man grabbed her and tied her up with rope. When he left her struggling to get loose, she heard him from a room ask her if she thought her step-dad would mind if her borrowed one of his neckties. Chichi was surprised by the question until the man asked her also, if her step-mother would mind if he borrowed a pair of her panties. "I can kind of understand you borrowing one of my step-dad's neckties. but why on earth would you need a pair of my step-mom's panties!" Chichi asked the man. A short time later, the man returned to her and she got her answer when the man stuffed her mouth with the panties and then tied the necktie very tightly between her teeth to gag her. Chichi was then left to struggle bound and gagged as the man ransacked the place. Soon Chichi found herself rolling around the couch and on the floor, but she was unable to get anywhere near getting herself loose. Things were soon going to get even worse. The man came back and was now ready to make his getaway. But first he secured Chichi more by tying more rope around her arms and chest. He then pulled her big tits out of her dress and hogtied her. Finally to either humiliate her or give Chichi something to entertain her self with, the man crotch roped her. Soon Chichi found herself tied up and all alone. But as the crotch rope worked it's way tighter between her legs, she thought to herself that things could be worse as she came close to having her first of many bound orgasms.

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