2312SAHRYE-Refusing to shut up, got my big mouth stuffed with a huge pair of pan

16:15 video



As Sahrye sits tied up on a chair, she starts to explain how she got herself into this situation. Then she goes on the say how the person who tied her up has told her to be quiet. But she refuses to shut up and starts yelling for her captor to come down and untie her . This brings the man into the room and he again warns her to quit making so much noise. When he sees that he is getting nowhere because Sahrye starts to get even louder, he stuffs and ties a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. This quiets her somewhat. But no nearly as well as he would have hoped. So he brings out another pair of panties and these are much larger than the ones already stuffed in her mouth. It takes the man some effort, but he manages to get the huge pair of panties stuffed in Sahrye's mouth. He then wraps tape around her face and over her mouth and once again, he has her gagged. But this time, the huge panties get the job done as Sahrye is now very well muffled and can hardly be heard at all. Then to humiliate her for the problems she has caused, the man pulls her tits out of her bra. Then finally puts her in a kneeling hogtie and suspends her from the ceiling. She is then left to struggle bound and well gagged.

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