2401NINE-All tied up-I know what you want to see!

13:26 video

Star Nine 


While baby sitting, Star did something really bad. But the guys she was watching agreed to take the blame for it. All she had to do was let them play a little game with her. It involved them tying her up. Not just one time, but whenever they wanted to. Star had no choice but to agree to this deal. The first time, they tied her, she managed to get loose. But these guys learned from their mistakes and this time, they better prepared. A short time later, Star found herself all tied up and it appeared that this time she would not get loose. But last time, part of the reason she escaped was because they let her talk them into loosening some knots. This time, they made sure she could not do that. Using a pair of panties, they stuffed her mouth. At first they tied them in with a rag, but Star was able to spit the panties out. So with Star trying to protest, they stuffed her mouth again and this time they secured the panties with taped wrapped tightly around her face and over her mouth. Star was furious as she grunted her protests. Then they made her a deal she could not refuse. This would be the last time they would tie her and her debt to them would be paid in full. But first she had to show them something. Being gagged, Star could not accept or refuse their offer. And the next thing she knew, they had her tits out and her pants and panties down. Then they watched as their baby sitter struggled bound and gagged while completely exposed.

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