2401VAMP-Someone needs to come home to un-tie the baby sitter HD

11:15 video

Vicious Vamp as Michelle 


Michelle (Vicious Vamp) is baby sitting and somehow, she has found herself tied up. Luckily, she is able to get to her cell phone and call the parents. Unfortunately, they are out of town on vacation and cannot come to her rescue. But she is able to get a hold of the step-father and he tells her that he will try to get his step-sister to help. When Michelle hangs up, she again pleads with the boys who tied her up to let her go. She tells them that they are in trouble with their step-father. But they know their parents are away and will not be home for more than a week. They figure they can figure out some way to explain their behavior by then. But for now, they are having too much fun to stop. So to make it harder for Michelle, they stuff a pair of step-mom's panties in her mouth and tie a rag between her teeth to gag her. A short time later, step-dad calls back to tell Michelle that will be there in a while. Maybe an hour or so depending on traffic. But now with Michelle gagged, he cannot understand what she is saying. It takes him a while to figure out why Michelle cannot talk and this only makes him madder. Things only get worse as Michelle's top is pulled up to show she is wearing a long line bra. Her skirt is also pulled off so her panties are exposed under her sheer to the waist pantyhose. Finally, the step-sister calls to tell her that she is on her way over to un-tie Michelle. But now she can hardly move as they now have her hogtied with a tight crotch rope tied between her legs.

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