2405SCARLET-When he gagged me, it almost made me cum in my panties!

16:06 video

Scarlet Morgan 


He was waiting for his girl friend to arrive. They were planning to play some naughty bondage games and he had all the rope ready. But all of a sudden, Scarlet the lady from next door barged in. She claimed to be looking for her step-daughter and accused him of letting her hide out in his place. When he told her that he didn't have her step-daughter and told her to leave. But Scarlet refused to go and threatened to even involve the authorities. This angered the man and he decided to teach his curvy neighbor a lesson. He grabbed her and tied her up with the rope he had planned to use on his girlfriend. Scarlet protested and resisted. But as he wound more and more rope on her, she started getting very turned on and she started to taunt him. "Is this the best you can do!" she told him. The man started to suspect there was more to this than he first realized. Especially because Scarlet came over dressed very sexy. So he took this a step further. To shut Scarlet up, he stuffed her mouth full of panties. Then he tied a rag tightly between her teeth to gag her. Scarlet was very turned on now, almost to the point of having an orgasm. The man sensed this and now he knew Scarlet was into bondage and came over with the intention of playing with him. Tying up his girlfriend was now the furthest thing from the man's mind now that he had his sexy MILF neighbor struggling bound and gagged in his bedroom. So he called the girl friend and told her that he had to cancel their date. Then when he hung up the phone, he grabbed Scarlet and started to strip her down a bit. He hogtied and crotch roped her and made her lie face down on the floor. Then he sat back and watched as she used the crotch rope to work herself up. He wanted to let her have several bound orgasms before he would pull her panties down to have some real fun with her.

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