2405DARK-MILF Housewife-Bound and gagged hostage in her own home

15:21 video

Kristyna Dark


Kristyna is home alone when she hears a noise outside. Because her husband is away on business, she gets scared and calls the authorities. But as the video begins it is a man claiming to be Kristyna's husband who is on the phone talking to the police. He tells them that they do not need to send a car because the noise Kristyna heard was only a family pet. The scene then shifts to Kristyna who is on the floor afraid to make a sound as the man threatens her. She is tied up and gagged, and it becomes apparent that the man is not her husband. Kristyna whimpers through the gag as the man brings out more rope and ties her much more secure with at least a hundred feet of additional rope. Then once he has her all trussed up, he re-gags her by stuffing her mouth and tying a dish rag between her teeth. Kristyna struggles hard to get loose, but all she manages to do is get her skirt to rise and expose her girdle. Then finally before the man makes his get away, he returns and hogties Kristyna. Lucky for Kristyna though, the authorities do decide to send someone to check on her. But it is going to be very embarrassing when they finding her struggling bound and gagged with her blouse open and her skirt all the way up her hips.

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