2406JUNE-If her boyfriend only knew she was really tied with a cock in her mouth

14:05 video

Juniper Berry

June is getting married in the very near future. But she is very much into playing bondage games, that her future husband strongly disapproves of.  She still wants to marry him. But she refuses to give up her bondage play partner. It is something she HAS to have.


Tonight, she told her fiancé that she was going out with some girl friends to plan the wedding. But instead she is in a hotel room getting her ass tied up and gagged with plans of getting fucked in each and every way possible while tied helpless.  Suddenly, her cell phone rings. It is her fiancé. With her hands tied, she cannot answer. But she knows she needs to answer to make sure he doesn't suspect anything. The man tying her puts the phone at her ear and she talks as the man continues to tie her up. She assures the caller that she is out having fun with her friends and asks him to not call anymore because, "I am going to be tied up all night!" she says jokingly.  The call ends and the tying continues. At one point, June asks the man, "Aren't you suppose to put something in my mouth so I can't scream?" The man gets behind her ready to stuff panties in her mouth.  She see this and says, "Not a gag silly!". Knowing what she is asking for, a moment later, June is on her knees with her head bobbing up and down on his lap. But, then the phone rings again. It is the fiancé again with some question for his future bride. The man puts the phone to her ear and June stops sucking to answer a question.  Then starts sucking again. She answers the fiancé's Yes and No questions with her mouth still stuffed with cock. Finally, she stops to tell the caller that her food has a arrived and she needs to go. When the caller asks her what she is having for dinner, June answers with an evil smile that she is having Italian Food and is eating some sausage right now. After hanging up, they continue what they are doing.  Later, when they are finished, June is now ready to be gagged and tied with more rope so she can struggle and work herself up. As she rolls around on the floor, she starts to imagine the best part of the evening. Her getting fucked while she is bound and gagged helpless.  She only hopes there are no more calls. Because she knows she will have to answer and the gag will have to be removed so she can talk as she is getting fucked. That might ruin things a bit. Because June is a screamer. Which is something she cannot control, and knows she might have a hard time getting that past the fiancé. 

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