2406GRLX2-Watch while I stuff and gag her mouth too!

17:19 video

Tina Comet and Arabelle Rafael

A man has come into Tina's home and grabbed her. After he has her tied up, he stuffs and tapes panties in her mouth to gag her. He then ;eaves her to struggle as he loots the place. A short time later, Tina, hears her room mate Arabelle walk in and thinks that she is saved. But when Arabelle, who was at a party and has had a few too many, finds Tina bound and gagged, she thinks it is some kind of game. Then the man comes in and instead trying to get away, Arabelle believes he is one of Tina's boyfriends and starts to flirt with him. At one point, she even talks him into tying her up too. Tina is furious as she tries to tell Arabelle through the gag, that the man is really a robber. But Arabelle is very turned on by the thought of all the naughty things she wants to man to do to her once he has her tied up, that she hardly pays any attention to Tina. It isn't until after the man stuffs and gags Arabelle's mouth too that he finally tells her what is really going on. By then, it is too late. Both girls try to communicate with each other as they struggle to get loose. Then things get really bad when the man returns to hogtie them. But first, he pulls their tops open and their bras down so their tits are out. It will be hours before anyone comes to find them.

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