2406GRLX2-Secretaries bound and gagged in the garage

14:22 video

Chichi Medina and Chrissy Marie

Chichi has not shown up for work today.  The boss calls Chrissy to ask if she has heard from her.  Chrissy tells the caller that she will stop at Chichi place on her way to work to check on her.  When she gets there, Chrissy finds the door open, but cannot find her inside her house.  So she goes outside to see if she is in the garage.  As she knocks and opens the door, Chrissy hears a woman's muffled voice.  It is Chichi and she is bound and gagged. Chrissy runs to her. "Oh my gosh, what happened to you Chichi", she asks as she starts to untie her. Then Chrissy hears a noise and turns to see a man standing in the garage.  A short time later, Chrissy finds herself bound and gagged right next to Chichi.  The girls struggle to get loose, but they cannot reach each other's knots.  Somehow they get the mouth packing out of their mouths and try to come up with a plan. Too late. The bad guy returns. He gags them again.  This time much tighter.  He also hogties the girls and pulls their tops down to expose their boobs. He leaves them again to struggle on the garage floor, bound and gagged. But he isn't gone long.  This time when he returns, he has plans for the girls.  He drags Chichi away to a comfortable spot in the garage. For him at least.  Chrissy watches  horrified as the man pulls Chichi's panties down and gets behind her.  She knows after he is done with her, it will be her turn.

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