2406MONICA-Honest! Some man robbed us and left me tied up like this!

14:15 video

Monica Jade


While house sitting for her boss while he was out of town, Monica ran into a major problem. She wrecked his prize possession car. Luckily, she had a friend who was really good with vehicle body work and he agreed to help her. But when he told her how much it was going to cost, Monica told him that she didn't have that kind of money. Being very desperate, Monica came up with a plan. She told the man that her boss had lots of money in a safe. She gave him the combination and told the man to take whatever he needed to cover the cost. However, she told him that he had to make it look like someone came in and robbed her. To do this, he needed to tie her up. So, using rope he found in the garage, the man tied Monica up. As Monica struggled all tied up, she started to complain that she was tied way too tight. But the man explained that if this were a real robbery, she would probably be tied even tighter. Then things got really bad for Monica when the man stuffed her mouth with a pair of panties and taped her up to gag her. Monica tried to protest, but the man explained that this is what would happen to her if she was really robbed. He then reminded her that this was her idea. The man told her that there were other things he needed to do to make this look more realistic and a short time later, Monica found herself struggling bound and gagged on the floor with her skirt pulled off and her bra pulled down. Sometime later her boss arrived home from his trip to find he had been robbed. But he was more concerned with what the robbers did to Monica. Because when he found her tied up in her panties and with her tits out, he could only imagine the ordeal she went through.

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