GNDB0018-Hannah Perez-Mom doesn't have to know you tied me up!

17:16 video

Hannah is staying with her mom's boyfriend while she is out of town.  But Hannah likes to be  bad girl and the boyfriend has caught at a bar hanging around with the wrong crowd.  They have an argument about how unsafe this bar could be and about all the bad things that can happen to her.  Hannah stresses to that man that he is not her father and cannot tell her anything about how to live her life. So the guy decides to teach her a lesson and show her all the bad things that can happen to her.  He grabs her and starts to tie her up.  Of course Hannah resists and wants no part of this.  But she is over powered and soon she finds herself tied up.  Then something happens and she finds that being over powered and tied up is very exciting and now she is turned on.  Then she gets her mouth stuffed with a large sock and her mom's boyfriend wraps tape around her face and over her mouth. Now bound and gagged, Hannah is even more turned on.  It doesn't take long before Hannah is doing her best to get the man to take advantage of her in this situation and one point she dares him to pull her panties down and let her have it. 

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