GNDB0019-Sahrye & Janelyn Doe-Thanks for getting us tied up, you slut!

16:24 video

Sahrye and JaneLyn are in trouble again. Today they are in the Dean's office because they were caught fighting over a boyfriend. When the Dean asks them what can be done to keep this from occurring, they both agree that keeping the other as far as possible would be the only solution. But the Dean has a better idea. Leaving JaneLyn in his office, he takes Sahrye to what turns out to be the maintenance room in the basement. There he tells her that instead of keeping them away from each other, he is going to make them stay together alone for the next several hours. When Sahrye refuses, he ties her up with rope. He then brings JaneLyn down to the room and ties her up right next to Sahrye. The girls continue to antagonize each other as they argue back and forth. The Dean finally puts an end to this by stuffing and taping gags in their mouth. But even bound and gagged, the girls continue to get after each other and at moments the bickering gets close to violent. He tells the girls that they have several hours to learn to get along. He lets them know that if they want to get loose, they are going to have to learn to work as a team. But after leaving the girls to struggle tied up and gagged, he returns to find them still at each others throat. So he hogties them and leaves them struggling on the floor. It takes some time, but the girls finally realize the lesson they are being taught and eventually there is hope that they will figure a way out of this together.

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