GNDB0021-Sarah Brooke-Girl Friend tied up and tucked away

14:05 video

He was having an affair with a woman named Sarah.  One day, while he was home alone, she barged in on him.  She had apparently followed him home one night to find out where he lived. This is when the man told Sarah that he was married and told her to leave, because his wife was due home.  Sarah was very angry about this and refused to leave.  She told him that she was going to stay and tell his wife all about their affair.  But the man could not let this happen.  So he grabbed Sarah and tied her up with rope.  Knowing his wife would hear her shouting, the man stuffed and taped a gag in her mouth. Sometime later, they heard the wife arrive home.  The man left Sarah struggling bound and gagged until he could figure out what to do with her.  Later he returned to her.  He informed her that his wife was leaving for the evening.  Now the man needed to figure out how to make Sarah happy with this new situation.  Looking at her all tied up and gagged, he couldn't help imagine how fun it would be to have his way with her like this.  He knew she would probably like it too.  So to start with, he took her tits out of her bra.  Then he rolled her on her stomach and pulled her pantyhose down.  But just as he was about to pull her panties down, he heard his wife's car pull up outside. Realizing she must have forgot sometime, the man left Sarah waiting as he went off to deal with his wife.

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