GNDB0022-Madalynn Raye-I didn't say you could toe tie and gag me!

16:24 video

Madalynn works for the hotel this man is staying at.  She has noticed that numerous young females with luggage have been going in and out of his room.  So she went to the man and asked him what was going on.  He explained to Madalynn that he was a video producer and had hired these women to act in videos he was producing.  During this conversation, Madalynn noticed rope laying around.  When she asked the man about it, he explained that his video work involved bondage. Although Madalynn was now satisfied with the man's explanation of what was going on, the thought of women being tied up in the same room she was now in, stirred up some prior kinky fantasies in her mind.  Having a her lunch break about to take place, she asked the man to elaborate about his video.  Then she picked up some of the rope and told the man that she would be very interested in being tied up. So a short time later, Madalynn found herself all tied up and very excited. But this guy had a mean streak in him.  Although he had tied up numerous bondage models, the thought that some everyday woman was now tied up in his room had him a bit excited too. Knowing Madalynn may not approve of his next move, he also knew there was nothing she could do about it.  Since she agree to do this while on duty and in the room of a hotel customer. When he brought out a pair of panties and started to wad them up, Madalynn asked him what he was planning to do.  When he told her that he was gagging her, she started to protest. She could hardly get anything out of her mouth before the man stuffed and tied the panties tight in her mouth and now Madalynn found herself now, bound and gagged. Madalynn was furious as she struggled and whimpered though the gag.  "I didn't say you could Gag Me!" she tried to shout out to the man.  The man also had a thing for feet and he couldn't help but notice after her high heels fell off, that Madalynn had pretty toe. So he grabbed some scissors and string.  He cut the toe portions of her pantyhose off and tied Madalynn's big toes together.  This also caused Madalynn to protest.  Not only were her toes now in pain, the man also ruined an expensive pair of pantyhose. The man watched as the hotel manager struggled bound and gagged.  Yes, she was angry, but slowly he started to notice she was starting to calm down.  After a while Madalynn started to notice that those naughty thoughts deep in the recess of her mind started to take over.  Eventually they would take complete control of her and that is when she would try to get the man to take full advantage of her helpless situation. 

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