GNDB0023-Dixie Comet-You have me taped tight and so horny, I am going to cum!

16:07 video

He and his girlfriend have some kinky plan for the weekend that involve bondage and rough sex. She even left him some with drawings on how she wants to be tied up along with handcuffs and a ball gag. The only problem is, he has a scheduled tutoring session with Dixie one of his college students. He tries to cancel the session, but Dixie does not answer her phone. So he leaves her a voice message. For some reason, Dixie does not get this message and she shows up at his house while he is upstairs in another room. She finds the book and the handcuffs and thinks they are for her. This makes her very happy because she too has a kinky side. She cuffs herself up and ball gags herself. Dixie struggles for a short while until she realizes that she has no idea where the handcuff key is. But that doesn't matter as her teacher comes in to find her like this. At first he questions her what she is doing. But it doesn't take him very long to realize that Dixie is enjoying this. he thinks to himself that he has a little bit of time before he has to go visit his girlfriend. So he decides to take advantage of this situation. He brings out a roll of duct tape and tells Dixie that he is going to show her what real bondage is. He quickly tapes her up and removes the handcuffs. He also takes out the ball gag, but quickly replaces it by stuffing panties in Dixie's mouth and tapes her up to gag her again. Now because it is so tight and the gag starts to choke her, Dixie isn't so happy anymore. But that is going to change very soon as the man comes back with a little treat for her. A little something his girl told him to give her to make sure she stay horny through the whole bondage session. It doesn't take very long for this stuff to work and soon Dixie is so horny, she just about ready to cum in her pantyhose. She tries to get the man to untie her legs she can spread that let him have his way with her. But that will come later as now he just wants to watch squirm and moan in the tight tape as she struggles on the floor.

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