GNDB0029-Whitney Morgan-There really is someone hiding in my room!

16:02 video

It has happened many times before. His friend Whitney calls him over because she thought she heard or saw someone stalking her. So today when he went over to her place again for the same reason, he was not surprised to find nothing there. But when he went out of the room, a girl named Sahrye came out of hiding and grabbed Whitney. She made her strip down to her bra, girdle and nylons, and then tied her up. To shut Whitney up, she stuffed and tied a pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. All of a sudden, Sahrye heard the man coming back, so she hid again. When the man found Whitney struggling bound and gagged, he thought she did it to herself as a way to get his attention, as he figured she had been doing all along. So he told her that if she was going to tie and gag herself, she should do it the right way. Using more rope, he tied her up even tighter and more secure. He also removed her gag and re-gagged her by stuffing a huge sock in her mouth and taping her up. He then left her again. With the man gone, Sahrye came out of hiding. This time, she pulled Whitney's bra down to expose her tits and also hogtied her. The man returned again to find her this way. "Wow Whitney! You are really talented to be able to tie yourself way without anyone's help!" All Whitney could do is grunt and whimper through the tight gag as she laid face down hogtied on the bed. Meantime from her hiding place, Sahrye giggled as she thought about all the fun she was going to have with Whitney when the man left.

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