GNDB0030-Chelsea-Never before bound and gagged

14:16 video

I met Chelsea through Cleo Nicole. Before this video, she had never been tied up and gagged in her life. Except for the 2 other clips I shot with her and Cleo, she has not been tied up again. As far as I know. Because she was so new, don't expect her acting to be all that great.

He found his neighbor Chelsie's front door wide open and heard her moaning in distress. So when he went inside to make sure she was OK, he found her having a nightmare. Chelsea told him that after watching a movie where a woman was tied up and gagged, she has been having these nightmare and was not getting any sleep. He told Chelsea that she shouldn't afraid of something like that and tried to ease her fears by telling her that several girls he knew liked being tied up. He told her that maybe she could get over this fear if she let someone she knew and trusted tie her up. When he offered to do this for her, Chelsea reluctantly accepted. A short time later, he had her ankles bound and her hands tied behind her back. "This is too tight! I don't think I like this!" Chelsea tried to complain. But he told her that maybe it was because she needed to be more secure. So he added more rope. When Chelsea continued to complain, he told her he knew exactly what she needed. Still willing to go along with this idea, Chelsea allowed him to stuff and tape a pair of panties in her mouth and now she found herself gagged. She started to realize that this was a bad idea and she wanted to tell him to untie her. But with her mouth packed full and wrapped tight, there was no way she could say anything. Chelsea was completely helpless and started to panic. But there was nothing she could do and there was now no way she could communicate. Things got really interesting when her neighbor put her on her knees and rips her blouse open to expose her boobs. He then laid her on the floor and to try her best to cry out for help. Finally the neighbor told Chelsea that she was lucky. Because if a real bad guy had her trussed up and muffled like this, he would probably bend her over and pull her panties down. By now Chelsea was very turned on and actually thought that was good idea. But there was no way she could let him know that that was exactly what she wanted.

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