GNDB0031-Liz Andrews-So you ran out of gas! Of course we can help you!

16:21 video

While driving out in the country, Liz has run out of gas. Out in the middle of nowhere, she is angry at herself for letting this happen. "Now what am I going to do!" But along comes this nice lady named Sahrye who offers to help her. She tells Liz that she has a gas can at her place which is just down the road.

The video begins with Sahrye leading Liz into a basement. As Liz sits on a chair waiting for Sahrye to get the gas container, she doesn't notice a man has come in behind her. Slowly he walks up to her and all of a sudden, Liz is grabbed. It turns out that Sahrye and this man are in the business of taking women like Liz and selling them off as sex slaves. Liz tries to resist, but together Sahrye and the man get her tied up. To shut her up, Sahrye reaches up her skirt and pulls her panties off. With the man holding Liz by the hair, she wads them up and stuffs them in Liz's mouth. The man then ties a rag tightly between Liz's teeth to finish gagging her. He then tells Sahrye to stay and keep an eye on their captive while he goes to handle some business. But Sahrye wants to keep more than just on eye on Liz. In fact, she loves this business because it lets her play with all kinds of pretty women. Sahrye torments Liz by telling her all the naughty things that are going to happen to her. Later, she undresses Liz a little and bends her over a chair. But just as she starts to have some real fun, the man returns and tells Sahrye that he and she have to leave. He hands Sahrye some more rope and instructs her to hogtie Liz. They then leave her struggling bound and gagged on a mattress in the cold secluded basement.

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