GNDB0033-Crystal Frost-Party Girl finds herself hogtied and gagged

14:12 video

A man finds a blond girl in a mini skirt named Crystal sitting outside on his basement steps. When he asks her what she is doing here, Crystal tells him that she is here for a Dungeon (BDSM) party. The man tells her that there is no party here and then asks her to explain what a "Dungeon" party is. She tells him that it is a party where people go for some rope play and that she is here to get herself tied up. When Crystal seems reluctant to leave, the man tells her that if she wants to be tied up, he will do it for her. So a short time later, Crystal finds herself all tied up nice and tight with lots of rope. When she sees the man bring out some tape and a pair of panties, she asks what it is for. "If you are going to be tied up, you also have to be gagged!" he tells her. beforeCrystal can protest, the panties are stuffed and taped in her mouth and now she finds herself completely bound and gagged. Crystal Mmmphs through the gag and she struggles with the tight rope. Although the rope is tied painfully tight, Crystal is still very turned on and cannot wait to find out what this man plans to do with her. Her hopes for some real fun, go up when the man pulls her blouse open. But he then leaves her and Crystal starts to get frustrated. She struggles her way down the stairs hoping to figure out where the man has gone so she can get him to come back and pull her panties down and have his way with her. The man does come back and this time, he does pull her panties down. But when he hogties her and leaves her again, Crystal starts to wonder what a rope slut has to do to get a good hard fucking while she is tied helpless and gagged.

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