GNDB0038-Goldie Blair-Tying up the wrong girl. Hey you're not Colleen!

16:26 video

He has been chatting with a girl named Colleen online for some time and today they have decided it time they meet and act out Colleen's fantasy. She gives him her address and tell him to sneak in while she is sleeping, tie her up and do naughty things to her The video begins with Goldie Blair arriving home from a hard days work. She is so tired that the minute she lays down for a nap, she is out like a lite. Sometime later, a man walks in and ties a knotted rag between Goldie's teeth. Goldie is so tired that she continues to nap right through it. "Wow Colleen, I didn't realize your tits were so big!" the man says as he starts to roll her over so he can tie her up. All of a sudden Goldie wakes up. But it is too later, she is already over powered and soon she finds herself all trussed up. When she hears the man calling her "Colleen", she tries to tell him that she is not who he thinks she is. But being gagged, he doesn't understand her and he continues to play out the real Colleen's fantasy. First because she is making too much noise, the man replaces her knotted rag gag with a mouth stuffing and tight tape wrapping. Then he pulls her great big tits out of her bra. Then as Colleen requested, he bends Goldie over and pulls her pantyhose down. A short time later, he gets a message on his cell phone from Colleen, asking him why he has not come to her house yet. This is when he realizes the mistake her has made. He then apologizes to Goldie and leave immediately. Leaving Goldie struggling bound and gagged with her pantyhose down and her big tits outs.

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